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Rainforest Relaxation

Sometime after the seventh hairpin curve on the precarious road between St. Lucia’s “bustling” city Castries and the remote town of Soufriere, I pulled the car over and looked at Chef, exhausted.
“Honey, there’s no way I can do this again. I just can’t come back in two days even if it is for a spa treatment.”
“The sad life of a travel writer,” he quipped.
With my driving nerves shattered, it was looking highly unlikely that I would make the trip again, even if to check out Jalousie Plantation’s newly opened Rainforest Spa built in tree house treatment gazebos.

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The PITs

The biggest comedic bargain in town is The PITs—The People’s Improv Theater, that is. Admittedly, I’m a tad bit biased since I am a student in their program soon to complete Level 3, which feels a little bit like being a sophomore in high school. The Level 5 kids seem cooler, and I kinda have a crush on the cute guy. But I digress.

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Private Lives

Sitting next to the laptop on which I compose my online journal/blog entries that are open to the Internet public, sit a stack of hand written journals in which I have recorded events and observations meant for my eyes only. But will they always remain so? The Morgan Library and Museum’s expertly crafted exhibition The Diary: Three Decades of Private Lives did a fantastic job of challenging some of my basic assumptions about journal keeping. For many of us living semi-public lives—and who isn’t in this age of reality television and twitter over share—the idea that our journals may always be private is a quaint notion.

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Glee Bargain

As much as I love, adore and sing-a-long to the show, there’s a part of me that cringes at the choices the shows writers and producers make when it comes to Kurt—the out, gay student suffering abuse at the hands of a bully.

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Caribbean Goes Organic

There’s a seismic culinary shift going on in the Caribbean, to source more produce locally, and when possible, organically. Increasingly, guests with sophisticated palates—accustomed to enjoying organic food at their local farmers’ markets—are demanding more from their Caribbean food experience.

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