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Rainforest Relaxation

Sometime after the seventh hairpin curve on the precarious road between St. Lucia’s “bustling” city Castries and the remote town of Soufriere, I pulled the car over and looked at Chef, exhausted.
“Honey, there’s no way I can do this again. I just can’t come back in two days even if it is for a spa treatment.”
“The sad life of a travel writer,” he quipped.
With my driving nerves shattered, it was looking highly unlikely that I would make the trip again, even if to check out Jalousie Plantation’s newly opened Rainforest Spa built in tree house treatment gazebos.

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The PITs

The biggest comedic bargain in town is The PITs—The People’s Improv Theater, that is. Admittedly, I’m a tad bit biased since I am a student in their program soon to complete Level 3, which feels a little bit like being a sophomore in high school. The Level 5 kids seem cooler, and I kinda have a crush on the cute guy. But I digress.

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