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The biggest comedic bargain in town is The PITs—The People’s Improv Theater, that is.  Admittedly, I’m a tad bit biased since I am a student in their program soon to complete Level 3, which feels a little bit like being a sophomore in high school.  The Level 5 kids seem cooler, and I kinda have a crush on the cute guy.  But I digress.  A few months back, The PIT moved from a down-on-its-heels performance space near FIT, to swankier digs on East 24th between Park and Lex.  So if you enjoued (suffered) through a performance of mine at the old place, say goodbye to the rickety staircase above Subway.  The new spot has a much larger and more comfortable theater, and perhaps even more importantly, a much larger bar—because let’s face it, Improv goes down smoother with Brooklyn Lager.

While there’s a rotating roster with different styles and types of improv troupes performing, Wednesday nights are free, when you can see the house teams perform a type of longform improv.  A suggestion from the audience segues into a series of connected scenes created on-the-spot for a show that lasts about 30 minutes.  The house troupes sometime include regulars you might recognize like Kristen Schaal from Flight of the Conchords, or Ellie Kemper from The Office.

Here’s the thing I like about improv: it welcomes all kinds of performers.  We’re young, old, cute, homely, tall, short, gay, straight—the quirkier the better, it seems.  We’re all judged on brains, energy, emotion, and the risks we take.  It might not always work out to be the funniest thing you’ve ever seen—but it’s always entertaining watching people run their minds into creative overdrive.

Mark you calendars for Sunday, April 3 6pm and/or Tuesday, April 12 7pm for my Level 3 graduation show.

123 E. 24th St b/t Park & Lex

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