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Diving Platform

Today we’re pulling into the homestretch with a little thing I like to call Platform. After you’ve decided to blog on a topic you’re Passionate about, and not just relied on advertising for revenue but also created Programs for brands, it’s time to think broad about monetization. I’m asking you to consider income from your blog as not just money directly related to what’s happening on the screen, but to count all the off screen activities and opportunities the blog qualifies you to pursue. And that’s what I call a Platform.

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Thinking Outside the Ad Box

When people ask me, “How do you monetize your blog?” they are disappointed when I don’t offer up an immediate solution like, “Through Google Ads!” It’s as if they want an easy, one-size fits all solution for making profits from online passion. Bloggers must think beyond simple advertising services, and create Programs that help brands connect with their readers. Bloggers have something brands want—a relationship with readers. Providing opportunities for brands to become part of that relationship—both online and real time—creates a Program that becomes much more financially lucrative and fulfilling than simple display advertising.

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Mood-y Board

The moment I heard the words “mood board,” I wanted to bolt the room and run. If you’ve read the last excerpt from 40, Love, you know I have a visceral reaction to what seems like a hokey grade school project. And to think, things had been going so well in the first meeting with my chosen design firm/new idea agency Kern+Lead.

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