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Love in the Time of Grindr

With Grindr, you cannot only find Mr. Right Now, but Mr. Right Next Door. As much as I marvel at the app’s clever name, niche and possibilities, I know that if today I were using it to find love, I would never have met my boyfriend. My problem is simple: I’m geographically narrow-minded.

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Peek-A-Blog: From Me To You

When I clicked the link, I was blown away. The beautifully saturated and styled photo shoot was not the work of a Julie Powell home cook wannabe. It was the highly artistic endeavor of a talented photographer. As I tooled around the captivating site, I discovered it was the work of a fellow Texan, and that meant one thing—we simply had to meet.

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Maudlin Maupin

In addition to Mary Tyler Moore, another triple named gal, Mary Ann Singleton, has eased me through some of life’s sharpest moments. Driving in a U-Haul to Alphabet City nearly 15 years ago, I kept awake listening to my friend Martin read aloud the latest antics of the fallible heroine of Armistead Maupin’s Tales of the City series.

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Lela & BA Café

When my mother from Texas makes the trek to the Big Apple, I’m always in a panic about how to fill her dance card.  Too much two-stepping together time can

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Peek-A-Blog: OneFoodGuy

Much has been made of Twitter as a virtual tool that can connect people in real life.  But I hadn’t experienced that until a new online friend @onefoodguy in Boston

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(Re)Designing Women

Clouds of self-doubt would seep into my mind early every morning in Hollywood—like the June gloom enveloping the LA Temple outside my window.  My body wrestled with time zone confusion

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