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Heavenly Jicama

Don’t hate me—I’ve always had great NYC Real Estate karma. Despite woeful tales of bathtubs in kitchens and rat-infested hovels, I’ve managed to score great homes with that most elusive Manhattan amenity—private outdoor space. Along the way, I’ve taken to heart the oft-used mantra “With privilege, comes responsibility,” and have endeavored to share the outdoor space with friends. Downtown, that meant a rocking yearly Fourth of July fireworks watching party in the backyard and on the rooftop. Uptown, that has meant inaugurating a new signature celebration around Cinco de Mayo. A couple of years back, when I suggested the South of the Border holiday idea to Chef, a native of Mexico, he balked.

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Designer Matchmaker

After conducting an assessment of strength and weaknesses, and with a clear vision as to what I needed in a redeveloped blog, I was ready to find the perfect design firm that could make my vision a reality. Taking inspiration from style mentor-guru Tim Gunn, it was time for “designers to gather ‘round.” But where to find the perfect match? This was going to be like dating.

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Peek-A-Blog: From Me To You

When I clicked the link, I was blown away. The beautifully saturated and styled photo shoot was not the work of a Julie Powell home cook wannabe. It was the highly artistic endeavor of a talented photographer. As I tooled around the captivating site, I discovered it was the work of a fellow Texan, and that meant one thing—we simply had to meet.

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