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What’s New Buenos Aires? (part 2)

If there’s a pickier traveler than the Gay Globe Trekker it might be the Material Girl. So I took it as a good sign she’d stayed at the Four Seasons Buenos Aires—twice: once filming Evita, and again on the Sticky & Sweet tour. And just like Madge, the property has gotten a few lifts and tucks over time. But unlike the diva, the hotel’s out and proud about the most recent massive facelift that’s sure to shake things up in the city’s tony Recoleta neighborhood.

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What’s New Buenos Aires? (part 1)

They had me at the pink couch. Cliché for a gay boy, but true. Buenos Aires’ new Alvear Art Hotel, opened in May 2013, is elegantly decorated in a comfortably sophisticated style—think Eva Peron by way of Park Avenue. And oh, that couch in the lobby. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to judge hotels not on the hip-urban-cool-hot-list-hipness-factor and more on the “would I want to live here” quotient. In the case of the Alvear Art Hotel, sister property to the city’s storied Alvear Palace, the answer is a definite “yes.”

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