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Aida Mollenkamp

Typically a trip to a pier on the Lower East Side of Manhattan would not count as a gay globe trekker excursion, but this outing promised actress Alyssa Milano, various contestants from Project Runway, and something labeled “Electrobatique.”  All to help launch the U.S. expansion of Nestlé Waters Resource Natural Spring Water.  Which again, sounds odd that I would attend—especially since longtime readers know that I counsel against constantly purchasing bottled water, instead encouraging travelers to use refillable containers.  But I admit it—many times I’ve left behind my Camelback.  But I also refuse to suffer dehydration on a plane.  And then I’m forced into purchasing water for the flight.  All that to say, the thing about Resource I find impressive is that it’s made from 50% recycled product.  Doesn’t sound impressive to you?  Compare that to other bottled water from major companies that average out at about only 5% recycled product.  So definitely add Resource to your consideration list.

On top of that, Resource brought to the event cooking celebrity Aida Mollenkamp as a spokesperson.

Aida's granola recipe

And well, I had to score a few tips for how this on-the-go gal stays so peppy and healthy on the road.  Her three traveling survival tips:

  • Make & take homemade granola bars.  “Use it as an excuse to clean out your pantry and add in things you see like dried fruit,” she says.  Here’s her recipe for a homemade granola with quinoa which I think sounds delicious.
  • Pack kale & quinoa salad.  “It’s lasting and filling, and keeps for a long time,” she says.  Here’s her recipe for that better-than-your-average-airline-food snack.
  • Use pouches for necessities. “I collect beautiful little mini-pouches on my travels and use them for things like mints for my seat neighbors, electronics, hand lotion, and especially chocolate,” she explains. “If I don’t, my stuff goes flying everywhere as soon as the plane takes off.”

Now I just need to get a pouch big enough for that kale salad and bottle of Resource water, and I’ll be set for my next trip to LA.  Who cares the looks I’ll get from my seat mate?

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