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Best Job Around The World

Coming Up: JP tells you how to pack your bags and get paid $100k to travel the world!

If I had a nickle for every time someone asked me, “How can I be your assistant and stow away in your bags on your next trip?” then, well, I would have amassed enough coinage to have launched Jauntaroo–a vacation matchmaker site–that happens to be searching for a “Chief World Explorer.”  They are going to pay one lucky soul traveler $100,000 to travel the world for a year and blog about the experience.  That works out to be 1 destination a week for 50 weeks–where do you go on that 2 week vacation?  Oh, and trust me, the pay is way more than you’ll make as a travel freelance writer or blogger (imho).

Calling themselves a “vacation matchmaker,” Jauntaroo is best for travelers who need some help figuring out where they want to go.  Travelers rank the top 5 things they are looking for in a getaway (e.g. beaches, nightlife, culture, etc) and the site gives a series of vacation suggestions.  Sometimes even the pros need a bit of help, so I tested it out since Chef and I have been hankering for a warm weather getaway recently.  First suggestion was Bora Bora, which seemed rather exotic and long haul, until I realized I could filter for Caribbean or U.S. locales.  That lead me to Key West – a definite possibility.  Booking trips is done through Jauntaroo’s partner Expedia – and all trips booked trigger a $1 donation to “Travel With a Cause,” its philanthropic arm donating to education & health projects.

Sounds like the kind of place(s) you could work for a year?  Then check out this video to find out more.  Better get to packing.

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