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Spanish Sips

Coming Up: JP shakes up his summer wine doldrums with a Spaniard.

Halfway through summer, I get bored with my wine choices. As usual, I start off enamored by Rosés—feeling so perfectly cliché as a I enjoy a little pink blush. Next I start in on the Rieslings, fueled by visits to Terroir Tribeca for several celebrations of the Summer of Riesling and where my impossibly cute go-to waiter is impossibly named John Paul. Honestly. So just when I started to tire of my traditional choices, wondering what I might try next for my al fresco dining experience, the folks working with Spanish vineyard Martín Códax in the Ríax Baixas region reached out to see if I might like a taste of their just released Albariño. Truthfully, it’s a style of wine that I’ve tried over the years but haven’t particularly loved. This time, I must have sipped it at just the right moment. The wine immediately had a tropical fruit smell to it that I love in the heat of summer. The taste didn’t disappoint, either, with a flavor of apple and a little bit of grapefruit. It was bright and light and the perfect outdoor accompaniment to my quinoa and spinach salad with lightly sautéed snap peas. I’m thinking I might just start celebrating “August with Albariños!”

Note: Martín Códax 2010 Albariño retails for approximately $16. I was provided the bottle complimentary, with no obligation to review—if I didn’t really like it, I wouldn’t have wasted my time and space telling you about it. Truthfully.

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