40, Love

What Would Mary Do?

Series Premiere:  Jon Paul enters therapy when his perfect sitcom life takes a plunge into depression. Guest star: Queen Rania of Jordan.

When I first moved to the Big Apple in 1996, it was the height of Seinfeld and Friends, and everyone I knew processed their life through the lens of a sitcom.  My show was titled Alphabet City—the nickname for the neighborhood where I scored an apartment in the East Village.  I peppered my every day dialogue with the promotional language networks use to capture viewers—regular people had “guest roles,” when Mom came to visit it was “a very special episode.”  Alphabet City episodes focused on my life as the gay Mary Tyler Moore, and the hilarious antics of working for celebrities like Tyra and Whoopi, and later glam magazine publisher Condé Nast.  Last year, my sitcom life spawned a blog and an award-winning humorous memoir titled Alphabet City.

Now, like Oprah, my life has outgrown one simple show—it has become an entire network called Poptimistic.  I wanted this new venture to reflect that same fun, fresh, and frank attitude towards life that reader-viewers have come to love—but also be bigger, better and easier to navigate.  So the series developed for Poptimistic are rooted in my various passions.  Take a bite out of Big Apple food and culture in Tex and the City.  Go green and stay chic with Green Globe Trekker.  Turn online passions into profits with Biz Savvy Blogger.  Chuckle along at gay Mary Tyler Moore’s therapy on the Alphabet City sequel 40, Love.

The very first post on ABCityblog was an excerpt from the opening chapter of the Alphabet City book.  Following that tradition, I’m pretty poptimistic that you’ll enjoy the first part of 40, Love.

CLICK HERE for Episode 1: What Would Mary Do?

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