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Destination: Down Under

Follow my Priscilla-esque journey Down Under as I reveal each week one of 21 reasons for wearing my love for Australia on my sleeve (literally, tattoed there).

#20: Because next to a private plunge pool, the Kumali Ritual with indigenous Australian herbs at Spa qualia on Hamilton Island may be the most indulgent (and effective) way to beat jet lag.

After a 30-hour journey Down Under, the last thing I want is to have someone’s hands touching me for 90 minutes (unless he was a “performer” in Down Under Dudes, and well, that’s another post).  The fine folks at Spa qualia came to the rescue with the Kumali Ritual—a steaming ball of native herbs and spices dipped in Aussie macadamia and sweet almond oil, then massaged, pressed, and rolled over the entire body.  Look ma, no hands. My muscle aches and tension melted away, my circulation revived and skin looked refreshed.  I even got to keep the balls for use in the tub later (pun intended).

Unlike many spas around the globe that use products not from the country’s origin (who wants a French cream in Thailand?), Spa qualia uses LI’TYA (“of the earth”) and Sodashi (“wholeness, purity, and radiance”) both formulated from Australian native earth and plants.

Kumali is an aborigine word meaning “sacred,” and by the end of the treatment, I definitely felt healed—and ready for that night’s sure-to-be-spectacular dinner.  Could that be a clue to reason #19?  Stay tuned.

photo by Tourism NT

Like one of my all-time favorite films Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, the ultimate destination on my last trip Down Under was Uluru (Ayers Rock) in the country’s “Red Centre.” Granted, I didn’t take a bus or wear a silver lamé dress (damn), but I did sing lots of disco songs and chose a circuitous route. I found the majesty of Uluru spell-binding—one of those places that more than lives up to expectations. No wonder it’s a finalist to be one of the New7Wonders of Nature, an online poll that will announce winners on 11.11.11. Join me in voting for Uluru/Ayers Rock, by visiting Who knows, maybe I’ll end up adding Uluru to my sleeve.

photo by Jamie Beck; tattoo by Friday Jones

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