40, Love

42, Pride

JP's life comes full circle celebrating a gay civil rights milestone

Words aren’t coming easily to me this morning.  Tears are.  Chills are.  Smiles are.  I’ve grown up in the gay rights movement.  Literally.  42 years ago drag queens burst forth from a bar on New York’s Christopher Street demanding fairness.  About the same time in Dallas, I burst forth from a woman named Gay Wright (no joke) demanding love.  Life came full circle last night as I stood with my partner Chef outside Stonewall celebrating a hard fought battle for fairness in love—marriage equality for gays and lesbians. My heartfelt love and respect for the generations of yesterday who paved the way for the love we celebrate openly.  As the shock wares off and I renew myself for the continued battles ahead, I know the words will return and I will have more to share.  For now, some pictures that try to convey the emotional experience of yesterday’s triumph.

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