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What’s New Buenos Aires? (part 2)

Coming Up: What Would Madonna Do in Buenos Aires? Stay at the Four Seasons. 6 Reasons To Follow the Material Girl’s Lead

In my Madonna/Evita wing at the Four Seasons

If there’s a pickier traveler than the Gay Globe Trekker it might be the Material Girl. So I took it as a good sign she’d stayed at the Four Seasons Buenos Aires—twice: once filming Evita, and again on the Sticky & Sweet tour.  And just like Madge, the property has gotten a few lifts and tucks over time.  But unlike the diva, the hotel’s out and proud about the most recent massive facelift that’s sure to shake things up in the city’s tony Recoleta neighborhood.

On a recent trip to speak about social media marketing at GNetwork360, South American’s largest LGBT travel conference, I had a chance to see some of the new developments in the city’s hotel industry since I last visited eight years ago (cozy up to last week’s post about the new Alvear Art Hotel).  After a two night complimentary stay, here are my 6 Reasons Why You Should Do What Madonna Did (Twice) and Shack Up at the Four Seasons Buenos Aires

#1 Argentina Out & Proud. This is no “let’s buy some new curtains and drapes” kind of renovation, folks. This is a “let’s entirely reconfigure the lobby of the hotel just for starters” kind of update.  The first results I was able to glimpse were quite impressive—made even more spectacular when considering almost everything used in the renovations—from the marble to the lighting fixtures—had to be crafted in Argentina because of import restrictions.  The result is a spirit of Argentina reflected throughout.  The lobby is bathed in blue and white (colors of the country’s flag) as are the renovated bathrooms.
#2 Everyone wants to ride a PONY. And I’m not just talking about those Argentine polo-playing studs (although who’s saying no to that). Pony Line is the name of the hotel’s happening and sexy lobby lounge, the term references the spot where polo teams get ready. No, there aren’t any showers, just sophisticated furniture takes on leathers and whips oh my.
#3 Sticky & sweet elixirs. Grab a seat at the bar and watch the hipster bartender mix one of the establishment’s specialty cocktails using wine as a base.  My fav: a Piletero #2 (slang name for a person relaxing by the pool)—an Argentine Sauvignon Blanc with Absolut, fresh mint, hibiscus, orange, passion fruit and syrup. There’s also an impressive array of tasty mocktails as well.
#4 Beef on display. How’d you like your meat? The hotel’s new restaurant Elena ages it’s own famed Argentine beef in an impressive display case.
#5 That famous service. Raving about Four Seasons service is almost a cliché at this point. But you know what? They just keep delivering in ways big and small.  When checking in, the front desk attendant asked how to properly pronounce my last name.  I’m well aware the “ch” in my name can give fits to Spanish speakers—and laughed about how my husband’s Mexican family has difficulty. She laughed, then asked without missing a beat, if my husband would be joining me on the trip. Seems small, but to an LGBT traveler, that kind of simple recognition is a big deal. And then the hotel surprised me with a welcome amenity styled to actually look like Poptimistic…that had me feeling like a material girl in no time.
#6 Wake up on the RIGHT side of the bed. The bed was out of this world comfy—and yes, I know how over-the-top that sounds. But let me tell you, I’ve been lucky enough to try out luxury hotel beds all over the world (let’s not go there) and these, well, they take the cake.  I’d have snuck one in my checked luggage if I thought Delta would let me get away with it (just like that pink couch I’m eyeing).  I’m sure given #4 above, if I’d asked, the Four Seasons would have found a way to ship it to me (hint, hint).

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