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Killer Musical

Coming Up: Your crazy musical title could win tickets to Baby Wants Candy.

A serial killing, African-American Easter Bunny at the center of The Easter Bunny Killed My Grandma The Musical! sounds like the latest un-PC creation from the South Park team.  But in fact, the character sprung forth from the imagination of the Baby Wants Candy musical improv team currently performing at the SoHo Playhouse.  The concept is genius: the audience shouts out the title of a musical that has never been performed, and the cast with the accompaniment of a small orchestra makes up a 60-minute show.  On the spot.  Completely made up—music, lyrics, scenes, you name it.  And not just any schlock.  It’s a show filled with character storylines, plot twists, duets, showstoppers and spontaneous “choreography.”

This past Saturday night, the results were hilarious with audience members doubled over in laughter.  Part of the genius is watching the performers’ wheels spin as they conjure up lyrics that are clever, and also move the plot forward.  Many times I thought this cast could give a much-needed lesson to the folks at Spider-Man.

And have I got a treat for you.  Courtesy of a couple sitting next to me who won a drawing for free tickets but won’t be here to use them so they gave them to me, I’m now giving you a chance at the tickets.  Just leave a comment by 10pm Tuesday March 29 with your suggested title of a musical never before performed, and you’re entered into a drawing for 2 tickets to the Saturday April 2nd, 10pm show.

To give you some inspiration, here are past musical they’ve performed from titles given by the audience: How the Backstreet Boys Won the Civil War The Musical!, Nobody Puts Baby Jesus in the Corner The Musical!, and Skanks on a Plane The Musical!

So let’s hear it, folks.  What musical would you like to see?

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